The Third Awakening is Now


We are all the Third Awakening: 

The Third Awakening, is the current reassertion of an organic spiritual process that transcends and expands current religious ideals. It is typified by the current mass of spiritual awakenings regardless of Academic or Religious affiliation.  

Though many religions have offered clues about this process they have largely kept it hidden from the masses in order to maintain a hierarchical control of this planets destiny, locked firmly within the long outmoded designs of the ego. 

 Seventeen Years ago, I experienced what is known in some circles as a Spiritual Awakening, in others as Kundalini. Whatever one chooses to call it, it changed my life and my life’s path forever...
From this Shift in the matrix of my personal energy and purpose, I realized my abilities as a Healer, Channel and Intuitive. 

As a healer:  I bring many new tools to the table, as well as the modification and deeper understanding of older ones. Healing through the Subtle Circuitry is a brand new tool which I have developed and incorporate into the larger scope of my healing work: See the Circuit Healing tab for more info. 

As a channel: I bring a new vision of history and a new understanding of Spirituality, which links all of the layers of the physical and Energetic reality surrounding the theater of our Egoic Lives. 

As an intuitive: I am reasserting the link that once existed between our True or intuitive minds, and the rich and tapestried layers of consciousness the surround us, on our planet and adjacent Universe.